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The Gloss Boss: Bed Head by TIGI's Headrush Hair Shine Spray Reviewed

We've all been there—our hair freshly styled, curls bouncing, waves tumbling—but something is missing. Your locks look good, but they lack that "salon-fresh" sheen. Meet your hair's new BFF: Bed Head's Headrush Shine Spray by TIGI.

Bed Head by TIGI's Headrush Hair Shine Spray Review

First Impressions

With a sleek, new exterior that promises an "epic" interior formulation, Bed Head’s Headrush doesn’t disappoint. The 200ml spray bottle looks ultra-chic, and the promise of an "Exotic Tropical fragrance" was too tantalizing to pass up. It's definitely a vanity display-worthy product.

The Experience

One spritz of the spray delivers a lightweight mist that won’t weigh your hair down, perfect for both fine and thick hair types. The spray dispenses evenly, with the mist easily covering the length of your hair. And let's talk about the fragrance—the tropical scent is an absolute sensory delight, evoking images of a lush paradise. You'll want to keep spraying it just for that scent.

The Results

Now for the all-important question: Does it shine? Absolutely. But don't expect to blind anyone with sparkles; this shine spray for hair offers a subdued yet gorgeous gloss. Think "sophisticated sheen" rather than "disco ball."

Our team found that the shine was more pronounced on darker hair shades, making them look rich and lustrous. But it also added a lovely finishing touch to lighter hues, creating a silky appearance that just begged to be touched. And who could resist the subtle tropical scent that lingers?

The formula includes Cyclomethicone—a hair-smoothing hero—and a Conditioning Complex that makes your hair feel as good as it looks. Frizz? Virtually nonexistent after application. Texture? Think silky softness that you'll find hard to stop touching.

Final Thoughts

While the spray doesn’t give you a super high-gloss shine, it elevates your hair to a whole new realm of ‘gorgeous but natural.’ It offers that finishing touch that makes people wonder, "What's her secret?"

Bed Head by TIGI’s Headrush Shine Spray is an old favourite for a reason. It’s like that reliable friend who shows up when you need a pick-me-up—always helpful, always reliable, and always makes you feel (and look) a little bit better. And now, it’s back, in an all-new avatar, ready to give your hair that perfect hint of shine and a scent to die for.

It’s a keeper. Whether you’re a newbie or a loyal fan, give this updated classic a spot on your beauty shelf. Your hair will thank you.


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